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Bariatric Apps

Bariatric Apps

Mobile bariatric apps are useful tools that can help patients reach their health and weight loss goals.  Using apps can improve patient’s track their food intake, track progress, find recipes and exercise plans as well as receive support from fellow bariatric patients. Here we will review a few WLS apps and their features that support success after bariatric surgery.

Bariatric mobile apps are an excellent way for bariatric patients to stay on track after surgery.


The Baritastic app is widely popular in the bariatric community. It is one of the few bariatric apps that is specifically designed for bariatric patients. It is a user-friendly bariatric app that provides many features that are not included in the standard diet tracking app. Those features include reminders for vitamin supplements, bite timer, bariatric recipes, and support groups. Another great feature of this WLS app is that patients can share their logs and progress with their program and providers, as long as they participate with the Baritastic app.

Bariatric apps help WLS patients keep track of their food intake.


My Fitness Pal is another incredibly popular bariatric app amongst bariatric patients. It is not bariatric specific, but the app does provide a lot of content which bariatric patients can find useful. It has a huge database of foods so patients can easily find their foods and log their intake quickly. Most foods and food products are verified, and patients can select items that are verified to ensure the accuracy of their daily intake. Water and exercise can also be tracked, and much like the Baritastic app, there is a blog and message board for extra support.

Fitness apps are great for bariatric patients to use to help track their psychical activity.

Pacer Pedometer and Step Tracker

Exercise after bariatric surgery is essential for weight loss and improving overall health. The Pacer Pedometer app helps to track how active you are and how many steps you take. With the use of this app, patients can be aware of their activity and use that information to set goals and monitor progress to increase overall activity. The app also includes recommended routes and challenges, which can help motivate patients to improve their fitness and endurance.

Journaling is an excellent tool for bariatric patients to use post surgery.

Day One

There is a lot of focus on physical health after bariatric surgery, but many patients and bariatric programs recognize that mental health after bariatric surgery is equally important. Journaling is an outlet where patients can organize thoughts, relieve stress, and reduce anxiousness and depression. Day one is a journaling WLS app that provides a mobile journal where patients can check in with themselves and their feelings. The bariatric app allows users to make multiple journals, post videos, and photos and tag locations in entries.

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