Bariatric Food

Bariatric Food

After your bariatric surgery, you have a significantly smaller stomach and digestive system. Therefore you have a much more limited ability to eat certain foods.  Your dietary restrictions can be small or large, depending on your bariatric surgery and health conditions.

To fully prepare yourself for life after bariatric surgery, you should adequately prepare your mind and body for different food recipes to fit your new life.

Your new life includes a variety of restrictions as your stomach adapts to its original size.

Because of your new stomach size, your hunger levels will change due to a decrease in hormone secretion immediately after bariatric surgery.

How to Prepare for a Bariatric Life

When preparing for your life after bariatric surgery, you need the proper food containers and plates that are the correct size for your new stomach.  It helps you to see your meals visually with the help of food containers.

Tupperware and dinnerware options you can use to help with balanced dishes and plates include:

  • Bento Box
  • Fit & Fresh
  • Bariware
  • Seleware food storage

Bento boxes have a variety of options that include rice, fish or meat, and pickled vegetables.

This box set is a generous portion-controlled box. You will enjoy having your food separated in a defined manner.

Bariware is a company where their entire goal and message is to provide bariatric patients with the best products to help them lead healthy and prosperous lives after surgery.  All of the Tupperware options are labeled according to sizes and uses.

Naturally grown fruits and vegetables are best for optimal health.

Fit & Fresh is a system of containers that include measurements labeled on the outside of each box.  You will feel safe and secure with your eating choices because each container prevents you from overeating.

Seleware food storage containers vary in size from 2 to 4 ounces that are easy to navigate and organize within your pantry.  All of these containers are stackable and are great visual aids while managing your food system.

Can Bariatric Surgery Treat Food Addiction?

Bariatric surgery does not cure your food addiction, but weight loss surgery does provide a helpful tool in lessening unhealthy eating habits.

Weight loss surgery helps eliminate the hunger hormones and increase your portion controls with your rerouted digestion system or significantly decreased stomach size.

Another helpful suggestion for changing your eating patterns after weight loss surgery is to help organize your kitchen with useful storage containers.  After weight loss surgery, you will need to invest in bariatric food containers because you will be incorporating more bariatric focused food options.

Your ideal bariatric food recipes should focus on high amounts of protein and soft texture to allow successful healing after bariatric surgery.

Bariatric food options include easily digestible food items:

  • Broth
  • Plain or Sugar-Free Greek Yogurt
  • Pureed beef, chicken, or turkey
  • Pureed spinach, carrots, or green beans


  • peaches, pears, or pineapples
Daily exercise and a well-balanced diet are critical aspects of a healthy life.

Bariatric Pureed and Soft Food Recipes

You can also invest in bariatric food recipes and bariatric food journals to help you transition into this new cooking and eating mindset.  There are various helpful bariatric soft food diet recipes you can use after graduating from pureed food recipes.

Some healthy and easy to digest recipes after weight loss surgery includes a variety of pureed food options.  Some healthy and tasty food options to consider include:

  • Black Bean Lime Puree
  • Pureed Salsa and Beans
  • Red Pepper Enchilada Bean Puree
  • Smoked Salmon Pate
  • Mushroom Chicken Thighs

Why a Food Journal Helps?

Having a food journal is an excellent way for you to organize and track your eating habits.

After weight loss surgery, it is easy to become more lenient with your food choices, and you may notice weight gain after some time after surgery.

Using a food journal is a helpful way for you to maintain accountability and focus on your positive and negative habits.  Many bariatric food trackers use many various bariatric food journal templates when journaling food habits.

Life is filled with many stressors, and food is directly related to your emotions.  When using your food journal, you should also write down your feelings when eating.  This can help tell you when you may be stress or emotional eating.

Soup and broth are great options during your liquid stage.

If you notice these habits, they can help you prevent unnecessary weight gain and maintain your weight loss goals.

After bariatric surgery, one of the most challenging aspects of your weight loss journey is remaining committed and resilient to the changes and stresses that impact your daily life.

Daily journaling helps you remember and understand how your emotional decisions directly relate to your food choices.

You can also use a food journal to help develop bariatric food ideas through a bariatric food list to introduce new recipes.

Bariatric Food Websites

If you are at a loss for where to start with developing recipes after bariatric surgery, you can use these bariatric sites to help increase your food portfolio.  Some bariatric food sites that provide help with meals and planning include:

  • Bariatric Health & Wellness
  • Bariatric Pal
  • Bariatric Food Source
  • Bariatric Eating
Maintaining your mental health is also essential to your weight loss journey.

From the listed sites above, you can navigate from a bariatric food catalog, and that is optimal for bariatric health and wellness food to improve your ability to transition into a life that is conscious of your eating habits.

All of the listed sites also incorporate bariatric surgery diet food products that you can feel safe and secure with transcribing your meals with your bariatric food diary.

You will be pleasantly surprised and relieved that bariatric food websites' selection provides ample opportunities because of their various bariatric food products of high quality and trustworthy sources.

Importance of Food Supplements

After bariatric surgery, you will no longer process and receive the nutrition needed for a healthy life because of your changed stomach size and digestion system.

Because of this dramatic change to your body, you will need to take daily vitamins and supplements for proper nutritional care.  You will need to take daily vitamins, calcium, and B12 supplements for optimal health.

Vitamins are essential for proper bone and cell health.  If you do not take your daily vitamins and supplements, your body will lack its necessary nutrition.

Kelsey Renae Schulze


Kelsey is a post-op bariatric patient who had sleeve surgery in 2018. She is a writer, focusing on a variety of topics given her background in legal studies and criminal justice.