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Gastric Sleeve Apps

Gastric Sleeve Apps

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      We live in a fast-paced world that leaves most of us feeling as though we need quick access to information. We monitor email, social media, and even play games on our phones, tablets, or other smart devices.

      Gastric sleeve apps provide easy access to relevant information and reminders. Gastric sleeve apps, gastric bypass apps, and bariatric apps, in general, are gaining popularity among individuals who have had or are considering having bariatric surgery. These apps focus on promoting hydration, making sure that the correct amount and types of food are eaten after surgery, and monitoring the progress of weight loss.

      In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular apps available to bariatric patients.


      One of the most critical factors following bariatric surgery is hydration.   Waterlogged is a digital tool that is designed to help individuals keep track of the number of fluids they consume throughout the day.

      Because individuals lose considerable amounts of weight following bariatric surgery, their bodies are not always able to keep up naturally. While Waterlogged is not a bariatric tool specifically, it is beneficial for bariatric patients. Because large amounts of fluids are lost following surgery, patients must ensure they are receiving adequate amounts of water. Additionally, water is an excellent alternative for soda and other unhealthy drinks that may promote weight gain.

      Two women drinking water.
      One of the most important factors following bariatric surgery is hydration.

      The Waterlogged app is an excellent resource for helping track water intake. One of the features allows users to track water by taking photos of their cups of water. The basic version is free. Also, this gastric sleeve app can be upgraded to include graphs.


      Baritastic is believed to be the #1 app for bariatric patients.

      Baritastic is a top-rated gastric sleeve app designed specifically for bariatric patients. It is believed to be the #1 app for bariatric patients for several reasons. The app includes both water and nutrition tracking.

      Baritastic also gives reminders about when to take vitamins and other medications, when it's time to eat, and so much more. It includes a BMI index chart and graphs.

      One of the most well-liked features is that Baritastic allows users to connect with a bariatric social support group that provides other bariatric specific resources. Some of the tools included in the Baritastic app include:

      • Bariatric friendly recipes
      • Weekly motivation
      • Access to top bariatric forums
      • Photo timelines
      • Track weight loss
      • Vitamins & supplements reminder
      • Track nutrition
      • Ability to listen to the top bariatric podcast through the app
      • Journal
      • Bariatric food/water timer


      Nexercise is designed to help encourage activity for those who want to lose weight and get in shape. The gastric sleeve app allows individuals to link to a community of other users who support one another along the wellness journey.

      Nexercise rewards users points for their activity that can be used to earn products from boutiques, health food vendors, fitness apparel retailers, and other stores. It almost makes exercise feel like one is playing a game to win prizes.

      Group of people standing together with their arms around one another.
      This app allows individuals to link to a community of other users for encouragement.

      Users can select an activity on their phone and even place the phone back in their pocket while doing the activity. As long as the gastric sleeve app is open, the user's activity will be logged, and he/she will begin to earn points toward prizes.

      My Diet Coach

      My Diet Coach offers several useful and motivational features to help bariatric patients maintain consistent weight-loss following surgery. Users set their own goals, and My Diet Coach will set reminders to help them achieve them. The app includes features such as motivational quotes, a visual weight tracker, inspirational photos, and everyday tips for weight loss. It helps users track calorie intake and exercise routines. The basic form of the gastric sleeve app is free, but upgrades are available.

      Group of people working out together doing yoga.
      My Diet Coach is designed to help make weight loss fun and easy.

      Watch Me Eat

      It is scientifically proven that eating your meals at a slower pace (chewing each bite carefully and slowly) reduces the amount of food you require to feel full. This can aid in losing weight without feeling hungry.

      Watch Me Eat app allows individuals who want to lose weight to create the desired duration of a meal, including the seconds between each bite. The gastric sleeve app sends notifications when to take the next bite using the sound of utensils on a plate. These sounds can be made subtle, so they don't distract your dinner companions.

      Watch Me Eat app is available for $2.99 on iOS only, including Apple Watch, which makes its use even easier and more convenient.


      Fooducate provides users education about the food they consume, which is essential for bariatric patients who must be very careful about what is consumed. Fooducate can scan almost any barcode to allow users to see what contents are inside that particular food.

      Users can set up Fooducate to display customized features such as protein concentration, sugar content, presence of glucose, and more. This is an important feature as it helps users identify particular ingredients that they want to consume or avoid.

      Breakfast food on a plate.
      Bariatric patients must be cautious about what foods they consume.

      Lose It! App

      Tracking weight loss and calories after bariatric surgery is an essential step for maintaining weight loss goals. Lose It! is one of the most popular weight loss and calorie trackers available today.

      It helps people who are on a weight loss journey to track all the foods they eat, as well as their activity. This helps to provide more accurate results for their net calorie intake.

      One of the most popular features of the Lose It! Gastric sleeve app is its extensive database of foods. The database contains most U.S. brand names for both supermarket and restaurant foods along with calorie counts for each. Additionally, users can add their recipes by entering the ingredients and setting the number of servings to get calories per serving estimation.

      Lose It! is free to download and use on Android and iOS, and it also offers a Premium version that provides additional benefits and can be purchased for $39.99 per year.

      Woman with a measuring tape around her waist.
      Lose It is one of the most popular weight loss and calorie trackers available today!

      Happy Scale

      With other weight loss apps, you have to record your weight for several weeks before you can start to understand how much weight you're losing, and when you'll hit individual weights. However, by inputting those same weights into Happy Scale, and allowing their "behind-the-scenes" math, you can get insight regarding how quickly you're losing weight and when you'll achieve your goals!

      Users enter their current weight and goal weight in the gastric sleeve app. Instead of showing daily ups and downs, Happy Scale shows a linear graph displaying a user's weight loss over time. This is an excellent source of motivation for those who need to see results to continue.

      Woman standing on a scale.
      Happy Scale uses "behind-the-scenes" math to track progress.

      The gastric sleeve app is available for free on iOS devices.

      Libra App

      Happy Scale is not available for Android users. However, they can download and install a free alternative called Libra app. It has features similar to Happy Scale, as users can track daily weight changes, provide goal estimates, and display results in interactive charts.

      Health Partner for Weight Loss Surgery

      Health Partner for Weight Loss Surgery app is made by Johnson & Johnson Company to provide  patients with science-based information and support before and after bariatric surgery.

      Some of the features of this app include a customizable action plan, educational resources for both practical and emotional support, motivational feedback, exercise and supplement reminders, and healthy bariatric recipes.

      The gastric sleeve app is available for free on iOS.

      Tracking Your Progress

      While follow-up appointments and compliments from friends and family help keep individuals motivated, being able to track your progress is important, too. Using an app to follow your progress will help you see where you need to make changes and will also help you celebrate victories. Remember, no success is too small. Download those apps and start tracking your journey.

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