The Best WLS Communities and Forums

The Best WLS Communities and Forums

Long-term success after weight loss surgery requires a lot of support. You’re likely to find the most support from your family and friends, but many types of support will benefit your weight loss journey. Nutrition support, psychological support, support from your surgeon, and peer support are all equally crucial after surgery.

Some hospitals or weight loss centers offer in-person peer support groups, which allow you to talk through any struggles or doubts with others going through the same life changes. These groups can help lessen your risk for complications, and might even help you lose more weight.

If you have a busy schedule or don’t leave near your local support group, you can still find the peer support you need with online bariatric surgery forums. There are plenty to choose from to find the motivation and support you need. Here are the best weight loss surgery communities and forums online.

You can seek support in your community or online after weight loss surgery.

General bariatric surgery forums

These communities offer guidance and support to all types of weight loss surgery patients. All of these forums serve as a space for peer support for all things bariatric surgery, whether you’ve had gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or a less common type of surgery.


With almost 5 million posts, BariatricPal is perhaps the most well-known weight loss surgery forum. The forum is free, and there is truly something for everyone in this community. There is a forum for every type of weight loss surgery, as well as specific forums for nutrition, exercise, insurance, and other topics. There is a pregnancy after weight loss surgery forum and a forum for plastic surgery.  If you’re feeling a little stuck, you can find motivation from others’ weight loss stories, or share your new favorite healthy recipe. This community covers all the bases.

Outside of the discussion forums, users can create a profile and keep track of their weight and progress pictures.

Thinner Times

This weight loss surgery forum is pretty similar to BariatricPal, with a variety of forums and discussion topics for all types of bariatric surgery. The unique thing about Thinner Times is its blog feature. As a user, you can blog your progress, successes, or struggles after weight loss surgery. Then, other members of the community can follow your journey and leave comments to offer the support you need. There is also a gallery feature, where you can upload progress pictures.

Obesity Help

This website offers support and information to anyone affected by obesity, including individuals and their friends or family. Obesity Help provides forums of different types of weight loss surgery, as well as non-surgical options. There is also a forum for spouses of bariatric surgery patients. It’s easy to forget that spouses need support too.

Bariatric surgery forums offer community and support.

Facebook weight loss surgery support groups

There is a group on Facebook for just about everything. Although these groups aren’t technically standalone forums, each group works very similarly to a forum. These groups offer a sense of community and help you find advice and support from others who have been through whatever you’re struggling with. Or, maybe you’re looking to offer support for someone else!

The Bariatric Surgery Support Group and Bariatric Support Group Online are two of the most extensive support groups available on Facebook.

These support groups help you find the path best for you

Online peer support groups are helpful from the second you decide to have surgery. Many of the groups listed above have a forum for recommended surgeons as well as finance and insurance information. This alone can save you a lot of time and headache to help you move in the right direction.

As you prepare for surgery, you might look to a forum to calm your nerves about what to expect after surgery. Discussing your concerns in a forum (and, of course, your surgeon) will help you gather everything you will need after surgery, including vitamins and protein supplements.

You’re bound to hit some speed bumps after surgery, whether it be discomfort or food intolerance. Seeking support in a forum can help you stay positive and keep pushing toward your ultimate goal of a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t be ashamed to look for extra support.

Don’t go through bariatric surgery alone

As they say, it takes a village. Bariatric surgery is a life-changing event that requires a lot of long-term support. Don’t be ashamed if you feel stuck or have questions even months after surgery. Chances are, someone else has been there too. Learn more about these groups and find one that fits your needs. Get involved, and you’ll see how a sense of community is the key to success.

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